Grace Deeb

About Grace Deeb

Grace Deeb started her singing career at the age of four, performing in school plays and singing in a church choir. Coming from a Lebanese family of musicians, Grace formed a band called "Strangers" and had her first song play on the radio at the age of sixteen.

While still a student studying Journalism, Grace formed English-singing bands called "Yankee Girls" and "Legacy." Afterwards, she begun releasing singles and performing in weddings and piano bars as she sings in 7 languages being Arabic, English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Grace made her first appearance on television in 2003 with singer Assi El Helani in the well-known duet "Win Kan Alayya" ("If It Was For Me"). After that, Grace collaborated with Jean-Jacques Goldman, who named her the "Dalida of the Arabs," in the song "Comme Toi" (French/Arabic) that became a hit and made Grace famous locally and internationally. The song was later released in its English/Arabic version "Calling You."

In 2004, Grace signed a five-year contract with "Rotana," one of the most famous production companies in the Arab world.

Her first album, released on August 23, 2004 and entitled "Ghannali El-Alam Kello" ("The Whole World Sang To Me"), was a huge success.
Only 20 days after the album's release, Grace was asked to represent the Arab world in Germany along with the Egyptian singer Amr Diab in the "Frankfurt Book Fair." She presented three songs: "Ghannali", "Wallah Bitmoun" and "Heya" which inspired the audience and made an excellent impression causing the organizers to release a CD of all participants in the book fair, including the three songs performed by Grace. In that same year, Grace performed in the International Festival of Carthage, which was a huge success for her and made her recognized with a much wider Arabic audience.

Grace's second album "Ghinniyat Grace Deeb... Aktar Min Gharam" (translated as "Grace Deeb's Songs... More Than Love") was released on February 28, 2006. The album had great feedbacks from all over the Arab world.

Grace's third album "Ma Bteshbah Hada" ("There is none like you") was released on June 11, 2008. This album was Grace's best-selling as she wrote the lyrics and composed the music of most of its songs. Music videos were later created for all the songs.

Towards the end of 2009, Grace surprised everyone with her decision to leave her production company Rotana, with which she had five years of success.

Grace is very active on the social and religious levels. She worked on many humanitarian issues, such as campaigns/concerts against abortion, drugs, osteoporosis, AIDS, and breast cancer. She worked on two songs dealing with abortion and grandparents.

In 2006, Grace was named "Ambassador" of Kibarouna Association which advocates issues related to the elderly.

In 2009, Grace was named "Ambassador" of Anwar Al-Mahabba Foundation which cares for people suffering from AIDS (HIV).

One of her humanitarian projects was the release of a Christian CD called "Grace Deeb Singing From The Tent Of Praise" which included "You Raise Me Up" of Josh Groban, and remixes of three songs from her first album but in different languages: "Chantons L'amour En Guitare" ("Ghannali") in French, Arabic and English; "Hard On Me" ("Hiya") in English and Arabic; "Believe The Story" ("Mabrouk Aleiky") in English and Arabic.

On May 21, 2010, Grace made an international duo with the superstar Helene Segara, both singing in French and Italian.

In 2012, Grace produced her own music video of the song "Ghanni" which is of her own music and lyrics.

In 2014, Al-Oula produced a music video with Grace performing Dalida's song "Helwa Ya Baladi."

In December 2014, Pearl Studio produced a Christmas music video with Grace performing a remix Arabic version of "Mary Did You Know."

In 2015, Grace was chosen to sing the French-language songs of "Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet" animated movie launched in Lebanon in 2015, directed by Roger Allers ("The Lion King" director), and produced by famous international actress Salma Hayek.

The French version of the film will be featured at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.